Nicola Di Sarno

The man behind our Story


"...the need to transfer goods and people quickly and safely has always influenced the evolution of every single person, and has consequently left an indelible way in human development over the course of the centuries..." (Greek philosopher, 1000 B.C.)

When in 1986, at the young age of 20, I read this reflection dating back to almost 3.000 years ago, it appeared to me utterly futuristic. Our planet was experiencing important social, cultural and scientific changes that eventually led to a new era. New means of transport were emerging together with innovative communication systems. Information technology was spreading across all production sectors and started influencing all aspects of social life. As a consequence, the transfer of goods and people around the world were starting to happen on a completely different level.

In that very year I founded intergroup, with 2 basic ideas in mind. On one hand, that the companies of the lower Lazio needed more efficient logistics to carry out their industrial activity in the "global market". On the other hand, that the Port of Gaeta represented a powerful asset for the territory, which could be put at the service of these huge opportunities.

And so it was.

Year after year, our company has grown in terms of goods handled, personnel and operations. From our headquarters in Rome, today we manage activities across terminals in Civitavecchia, Savona and Ravenna, where we carry out biomass, special cargo and integrated logistics operations. In 2017 I have kicked off a process of internationalization of the company, opening an office in central London and starting logistics in the United Kingdom. At the same time we have started operations of landing, packaging and distribution of biomasses through the ports of Oristano and Cagliari, under internationally certified procedures with the ENPlus A1 quality mark.

A lot has happened over the course of these frantic years, and the dedication of all men and women who have worked alongside me, the loyalty of our customers, and the support of my family, are what made me hold true to the original mission to build a "company at the service of companies", as I imagined intergroup more than 30 years ago.


Nicola Di Sarno

Founder & President